Welcome To Company of Champions

What is Company of Champions?

Company of Champions is a support group, and communication tool, for individuals who have disabilities, and their families.

Our goal is to give families the opportunities to communicate with each other, exchange ideas, share personal successes, gain knowledge, and learn resources from those who travel the same disability journey.

Our loved ones are survivors, in spite of extraordinary challenges. Whether their longer life is due to medical advances or the good care which we provide for them, many of our children are living beyond any previous life expectancy.

Although, this group is intended for adults who have disabilities, we welcome all persons, and their families who are affected by disability.

To all: Be courageous in your efforts... Our hearts are with you...
Remember that you are surrounded by a Company of Champions.

Yesterday's Equipment & Supplies

Got Stuff Others Can Use?

Have a piece of equipment, custom-made clothing, modified vehicle, or a disability supply which you no longer need? Or do you need a “special needs” item? If the answer is YES, click here to visit our forum.

Write About It

Put Pen to Paper...   Tell Your Story!

Have you ever written something about your child, your life, your family, the system, disability, . . . serious or humorous, and never had a place to share it. Well, here we are.
Submit your writing to us and we'll share it with others.